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The Wilderness Above the Bronx

Writing on the large flat stone above the Bronx was reasonably successful this afternoon. (I had at least one idea that seemed very good at the time -- and I've written it down).

I was, however, gradually surrounded by a cadre of Bronx mountain squirrels.  

They were sly.  I could, at first, see the little creatures in the middle distance doing apparently-natural squirrel things. (Frisking.  Hopping.  Tail fluffing).

Slowly, however, they were closing in.

Little did I comprehend my danger, until one of the little fiends appeared behind me, slinking over  the large flat stone at my back.  And then there were four.  All staring.  Waiting. 

(I do not think they wanted hand-outs.  I had the distinct impression that they were reading my mind).

Also, a foreign youth with bleached hair demanded that that I catch a white dog, should I see it.  He seemed very emotional.  (I am not sure when this standing order expires. He did not say.  I will endeavor to do my best).



Jul. 17th, 2010 09:40 pm (UTC)
I cannot imagine that these events are unrelated. What do you think the squirrels did to the dog, and why did they suspect you suspected?