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The Maundry


David Keck
17 March
Dave is, essentially, a Winnipeger. That's where he grew up, though he was born somewhere near Lake Winnipeg (which is different but fairly nearby). A teacher and published writer of medieval fantasy, he finds himself living in America's ever-popular New York City. What else should you know? Hmm. He was a boy scout longer than he enjoyed it. Has jumped out of one plane in a town called Gimli (not named after the diminuitive-but-obstreperous Tolkien personality). He teaches middle school English high in an un-airconditioned school in Washington Heights where he is nearly unique in being unable to communicate in Spanish. He has walked into an English canal under mysterious circumstances. He enjoys a good henge. And can pin down the vintage of most medieval tomb monuments within half a century, using his amazing powers of having read too much about medieval things in general.