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First Draft Woes: Abominating Repetition

I have a mania for certain words that might need to be explored:

Why, for example, would I choose the word "churn" fifteen times in the same
manuscript when "butter" appears only twice?

What is in my head when, of all the words in the language, I use "torrent"
eight times, "cataract" five times, "wrench" twenty-four times? "Twist"
pops up fifty-six times, and "turn" seems to be roughly every second word.

I remember being roundly mocked in a writer's group session years ago for
using the word "abomination" more than once in a single short story. I now
feel that I have moved on. (It shows up twice in this draft despite my best

Worst of all, I've used the word "eye" nearly four hundred times so far
(and I'm not finished).

Sometimes, there is little to be done about repetition. I have, for
example, a mysterious "Whisperer" whispering at people throughout the
novel. (This might possibly be more eerie in the actual text than it
appears here). "Whisper", therefore, appears one hundred and two times. But
what is a fellow to do? Synonyms have their limits. Whisperers have to
whisper. They can only hiss and rustle so often.

Just now, I am doing my best to ignore all of this. If I am ever to finish
this book, I must let the words flow in what might just need to be a
churning torrent until the last wrenching twist.

Yours abominably,


PS: I'm trying something with email, Livejournal and Facebook that just
might break the Hinterweb, so brace yourselves.